TunTap is open source software, so you are free to look at the source code, modify it and compile your own versions, as long as you respect the license conditions. These are basically to reproduce the license and acknowledge my copyright. If you fix bugs or make improvements to the TunTap software, I urge you to post comments and patches to the mailing list or send me private mail so that your improvements can be integrated into the official TunTap distribution eventually.

The TunTap project is hosted at Sourceforge, a free open source project hosting service. I use the bug tracker, mailing list and file release tools. Head over to the project page for more information.

Source code

I manage my source tree using GIT, the distributed version control system also used for the development of the Linux kernel. You can clone the public repository at sourceforge to obtain the source code. To clone the repository, just do at the command line:

git clone git:// 

You can also examine the repository in your browser using the GitWeb service. You should create patches you want to submit preferably against the latest git tree. If you just want to have a look at the source code for a particular release, you can also download the source tree that release was built from at the Sourceforge download page.

Bug tracker

Bugs can be submitted to the Sourceforge bug tracker.

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